IT의 힘으로, AI의 미래로!

숭실대학교 IT대학 AI융합학부



Common Courses
50407770 Probability, statistics and Random Process
50407772 Linear System Theory
50407774 Artificial Intelligent Mathematics and Computing Theory
50407852 Intelligent System Design Methodology
50407854 Theory of Advanced Operating Systems
50407856 Artificial Intelligence Theory
50399106 Machine Learning
50398675 Software Engineering
50398675 Topics in Software Security
50399110 Special Topics in Autonomous Driving Systems
Sensor Fusion and Signal Processing
50407858 Seonsor Engineering
50407860 Signal and Systems
50407862 Introduction of Imaging Processing
50407864 Computer Vision
50407866 Special Topics in Computer Vision
50407868 Special Topics in Multimedia Technology
50407870 Network Security
50407872 Network Application Techniques
50399108 Special Topics on Wireless Sensor Networks
AI System S/W and H/W
50407418 Real-Time System Design and Analysis
50407421 Special Topics in Real-time Operating System
50407423 Design and Implementation of Embedded Systems
50407425 Energy-aware Design
50407877 Special Topics in Embedded OS
50407879 Advanced Computer Architecture
50407881 Parallel Processing Theory
50407883 Distributed Computing Systems
AI System Application
50407884 Special Topics in Artificial Intelligence
50407886 Special Topics in Machine Learning
50407888 Artificial Neural Network
50407890 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
50407892 Expert Systems
50407894 Cognitive Modeling
50407897 Intelligent Agents
50407899 Multi-Agent Systems
50407901 Reasoning Systems
50407907 Database Design
50407911 Robot and Autonomous Systems
50407912 Robotics and Automatic Systems
50407915 Robot Sensor Design and Application
50407917 Human Computer Interaction
50407920 Virtual Reality and Argument Reality
50407922 Introduction of Cyber-Physical System
50407909 Cloud Computing
50412603 Big Data Computing
Industry-Academic Cooperation
50407924 ProjectⅠin in Recent Intelligent Systems
50407926 Project Ⅱin Recent Intelligent Systems